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Doug Anderson Designs Knight Hector the Horse

Yorkenshire Dynasty

Knight Hector the Horse

Elegant and brown, Knight Hector is a victorious specimen of the highest equine stock. Bred from a combination of the Royal Yorkenshire Hectors and an exclusive wild Asiatic Equine, Knight Hector is nothing less than glory! This hybrid equine is equally successful as a defensive combatant as he is when bred for a life of Royal Carriage Horse. Their sumptuous brown coats are their trademark. Shiny and reflective, many parades and royal carriages have been adored with this fantastic animal. Having been bred at the Royal Yorkenshire Stables, situated in the highlands, Knight Hector has amazing lung capacity, is extremely serious, and can work tirelessly for hours on end. For the past 15 years, Knight Hector has reigned as Champion Jousting Equine at the annual Royal Yorkenshire Autumn Festival.