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Doug Anderson Designs King Wilbur

Muggleswick Dynasty

King Wilbur

Diminutive, quiet and shy, King Wilbur is the complete opposite of his wife, Queen Hildagard. Content to spend his days reading poetry, writing essays on ornithology or taking strolls in the surrounding forests, the constant feasts, buffets and dinner parties that require his attendance, as King Muggleswick, drive him crazy. Wilbur never sought out this life of a Royal, but because of his father’s friendship, he now finds himself playing the role of King, with thousands upon thousands of loyal subjects. Being a benevolent soul, he’s well liked and enjoys the company of intellectual members of the Royal Court. Bishops and Knights alike enjoy the spoils of his Kingship, and King Wilbur is often seen riding his favorite stallion with a full compliment of Royal Brigade knights accompanying him.