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Doug Anderson Designs Rook Nick the Dragon

Muggleswick Dynasty

Rook Nick the Dragon

Massive, scaly, and green, as well as favorite Dragon of Queen Hildagard, Rook Nick can be seen roosting atop the Northwest turret of the Muggleswick Castle. Ever at the ready to take to the skies in defense of the Castle, he’s a sight to be seen when practicing his aerial acrobatics, careening at break neck speeds from the clouds above, cannonballing, cartwheeling and defying gravity. To see him snort his bright orange searing flames from his monstrous nostrils is not something you’d forget anytime soon. Rook Nick has been known to roam the Royal orchard at harvest time, eating his fill from any fruit bearing tree that strikes his fancy. No one messes with Rook Nick; in fact, it’s recommended to stay a minimum of 20 meters from him, as his sulphourous belches are enough to singe the fur trim form a person’s outer garments.