Kitchen Witch Cookie Jar

Legend says having a “Kitchen Witch” anywhere food is prepared, will ensure that you always create delicious and scrumptious meals. This hand sculpted and hand painted Witch, sits astride a broom handle, with flowing dress, apron and babushka. Holding onto the broom handle with her right hand, while in her left hand sits a chocolate chip cookie. The details on her face, from the crooked nose, candy corn teeth, expressive eyes and tuft of gray hear on top of her head add to the whimsy of this Jar. The Jar itself is made of a wheel thrown and hand built elements, and glazed in a Satin Matte Black, giving it the look and feel of a Cast Iron pot. Earthenware clay and Food Safe Glaze. Signed by the artist on the bottom of the pot.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11H x 8W x 8D in


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