UFO Cookie Jar

A mixed media sculpture, this UFO cookie jar is constructed out of clay, glass, metal, and plexiglass. The UFO itself is wheel thrown, and sits on three legs, composed of wheel thrown feet connected to the underside of the ship with hollow aluminum tubes. The lid is a glass-enclosed dome, under which sits a hand sculpted Space Alien, painted bright green with turquoise spots, on a neon pink Captains chair. With big expressive eyes, mouth agape, it has its right hand on the 18 karat, gold plated steering column, while holding a chocolate chip cookie in the upraised left hand. A semicircular flight deck dotted with multiple colored circles ensconces this charismatic character. The UFO is glazed in Satin Purple and features a hand sculpted, bug eyed, open mouthed abductee, peering out of a porthole. The underside of the UFO, landing feet, Lid rim and porthole window frame are airbrushed Silver plating. Hand sculpted and hand painted flames shoot out from beneath the UFO. Earthenware clay, Food Safe glaze. Signed by the artist on the bottom.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 11H x 10W x 10D in


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