Knit Hat Slug Garden & Wall Sculpture

For once, here are some garden snails you’ll actually want!

These hand-sculpted Snails are glazed in satin white and topped with a fanciful hat instead of their typical shell. Choose from a dapper looking Top Hat, which we like to call “Putt’n on the Ritz”, a “SteamPunk” Top Hat with Goggles, to a Knit stocking cap, a four color Beanie with Propeller, Fedora we’re calling absolutely “Fedorable” and “BrunHilda” complete with horned helmet and a pair of trailing blonde braids.

These snails add a whimsical touch to any garden, lawn or indoor setting, and will spark delight & a genuine smile.

All are completely glazed, signed on the bottom and weather-proof.

“Knit Cap” available in Satin glaze Chartreuse, Orange and Periwinkle Blue

I have been following the artistic progress in Doug Anderson’s work for many years. Doug’s pieces are fabulously original, and precise and exacting in their workmanship… The whimsical ceramic snail that I own is a joy for me to look at each day. It is always admired too, by others who appreciate the originality of the piece. All who see it, comment on the quality and the complimentary color combination as well… I am so very happy that I finally own a Doug Anderson original!

~Sue C. (Sandy, Ut.)

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Orange, Chartreuse, Periwinkle Blue

$90.00 $81.00