Octopus Butter Dish

Unique, hand-sculpted Octopus. Bulbous, oval head with pair of large, colorful round acrylic eyes and a body comprised of eight thick, sinuous tentacles, which curl and coil to create the tray. Four clear rubber bumpers are attached to the bottom of the tray. Earthenware Clay, Food Safe glaze. Available in three colors, Satin Navajo Blue, Satin Bright Green and Satin White. Each dish is signed by the artist, on the bottom of tray.

I have been collecting Doug Anderson’s pieces for years. They are proudly displayed throughout my house, and now I have a Chameleon Butter Dish on my kitchen counter. It makes me smile and brighten my day!

~Deanne P. (Los Angeles, Ca.)

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 5H x 7W x 4D in

Navajo, Bright Green, White


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