Alice in Wonderland Teapot

Inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic, this exquisite hand sculpted and hand painted teapot is a showstopper. A wheel thrown, oversized pocket watch, complete with linked chain and ring, which serve as the handle for the teapot, and are generously glazed with 18 karat Gold plating. The face of the pocket watch features whimsically shaped Satin Black numbers against a Satin White background, with four hands pointing in different directions, and Gold details. A black & white bibbed and ruffle collared White hare, clutching a small teacup & saucer to its chest, serve as the spout. Sitting side by side on the top of the Pocket watch crown are Alice and the Mad Hatter. Alice with her blonde hair, bow and blue jumper is holding a tiny cup and saucer of tea, while the expressive Mad Hatter, in his purple sport coat, plaid vest, chartreuse pants & top hat, sits cross legged, with a cup of tea in hand and a tiny teapot balanced precariously upon his hat. The crown & stem adorned with Alice and Mad Hatter serve as the lid to the teapot. The teapot rests upon the back of a vibrantly colored, pink, and purple striped Cheshire cat, flashing a massive toothy, keyboard smile, and sporting a large bushy tail. Each teapot is created one at a time and subject to minor variations. Earthenware clay and Food Safe glaze. Each teapot is signed by the artist on the inside of the crown/stem lid.

I have followed Doug’s sculpting for many years. I have many of his ceramic pieces in my home, including cookie jars, vases, his “Calypso” teapot and a treasured “Law & Order” chess set. I have purchased his creative and humorous work as gifts for friends and family. I would highly recommend his ceramic sculptures without reservation.

~Candy B. (Aptos, Ca.)

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 13H x 10W x 13D in


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