Peach Tea Party Teapot

Hand Sculpted, wheel thrown and hand-painted, this giant Peach teapot is sheer whimsy. Wheel thrown and then hand formed into the shape of a peach, the leaf-laden branch entwines around, from one end to the other, to create handle and spout. The teapot is glazed in a Satin Peach color, with airbrushed blush accents. The branch and leaves are glazed warm shades of brown and leaf green. Mother and daughter bunnies, dressed in Victorian attire and bonnets are seated at a small table, draped with tablecloth, and set with tiny teacups, teapot, box of tea and a single peach. Lovingly, the Mother bunny is poised to pour a cup of tea into the teacup held in the daughters outstretched arms and hands. This entire tea party vignette is attached to and comprises the lid for the teapot. Beneath, three charismatic Garden snails support the giant Peach upon their shells. Each teapot is created one at a time and subject to minor variations. Earthenware clay and Food Safe glaze. Signed by the artist on the inside of the lid.

I have followed Doug’s sculpting for many years. I have many of his ceramic pieces in my home, including cookie jars, vases, his “Calypso” teapot and a treasured “Law & Order” chess set. I have purchased his creative and humorous work as gifts for friends and family. I would highly recommend his ceramic sculptures without reservation.

~Candy B. (Aptos, Ca.)

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 13H x 10W x 8D in


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