Calypso Teapot

This marine life teapot is named after famed marine biologist Jacques Cousteau’ ship the Calypso. Hand sculpted, airbrushed and hand painted, this colorful teapot is a remarkable homage to life under the sea. A giant clam, with a pair of bright yellow eyes peeking from the black depths of the slightly open lips, has clusters of textured & vibrant peach and teal colored coral on opposite sides to serve as handle and spout. Subtle airbrushing of pink, lavender & aqua enhance the grooves on the outer area of the clamshell. Five vibrantly colored tropical fish surround, sitting in the coral and on top of the clam. Angel fish, Trigger fish, Puffer fish and more, while a cheeky maroon starfish covered with pink polka dots clings to the backside of the clam. The reef Trigger Fish is attached and serves as the handle & lid of the teapot. This underwater themed teapot is completed, by resting on the backs of three equally distinct Sea snails. Each fish, starfish, and sea snail, sport individual expressions. Every teapot is created one at a time and subject to minor variations. Earthenware clay and Food Safe glaze. Signed by the artist on the inside of the lid.

I have followed Doug’s sculpting for many years. I have many of his ceramic pieces in my home, including cookie jars, vases, his “Calypso” teapot and a treasured “Law & Order” chess set. I have purchased his creative and humorous work as gifts for friends and family. I would highly recommend his ceramic sculptures without reservation.

~Candy B. (Aptos, Ca.)

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10H x 11W x 8D in


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