Wicked Witch Cookie Jar

Hand sculpted and hand painted Wicked Witch and cauldron, sits on top of a wheel thrown and sculpted bright orange pumpkin. This witch, complete in black dress, grey shawl and pointy black hat is a real character. Greenish complexion, hooked nose, candy corn teeth and warts, she is poised, stirring a bubbling, black cauldron filled with bat wings, bones & eyeballs. A Lava glaze gives the cauldron the effect of a witchy brew overflowing and cascading down the sides towards the flames, which lick the kettle from beneath. her left hand, she lifts a chocolate chip cookie. This entire vignette is painted in multiple colored under glazes and rests atop the pumpkin and acts as the lid. The pumpkin is glazed a bright Satin Orange. Earthenware clay, Food Safe glaze. Signed by the artist on the bottom.

I have been following the artistic progress in Doug Anderson’s work for many years. Doug’s pieces are fabulously original, and precise and exacting in their workmanship… The whimsical ceramic snail that I own is a joy for me to look at each day. It is always admired too, by others who appreciate the originality of the piece. All who see it, comment on the quality and the complimentary color combination as well… I am so very happy that I finally own a Doug Anderson original!

~Elizabeth H. (Coral Gables, Fl.)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12H x 8W x 8D in


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